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There is an old Scottish saying - Many a little makes a mickle. A mickle is a very large amount. By working together and combining the positive virtues of generosity, merits and energy of all generous donors, we can materialize this great vision. With everyone's kind donation, Po Lam (Precious Forest in Chinese) will be able to erect a new meditation monastery through which it will carry the emblem of the Buddha's great teachings, spread and flourish it in the West.


"The 7000 People's Wholesome Thoughts, Wholesome Deeds Project" is wishing to establish a dharmic and virtuous connection with 7000 people with wholesome thoughts and wholesome deeds. A generous person or a group of friends together can make a donation of $2000 Canadian or equivalent (regardless of currency) to support this redevelopment of Po Lam. Every single dollar collected will be put toward the construction of the new Po Lam Meditation Vihara, from buying construction materials, finishing the landscaping and all other building costs.

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The 7000 People's Wholesome Thoughts, Wholesome Deeds Project

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