Volunteer with Po Lam

Become a Volunteer to serve the Dhamma and the Community and build up your merits.



Compassionate Centre for Health (CCH)

Join our Team to share your love, compassion and support with the following:

     1. Residents of Senior Care Homes.

     2. Patients in hospice or under palliative care.

     3. Terminal illness patients and their family members.

     4. Buddhist Assembly programs in Care Homes.


   More about CCH , Hospice and Palliative Care



Work Day

Help the nunnery with all kinds of work -  in the kitchen, cleaning, gardening etc.

This activity usually takes place once a month on a Sunday.


Check the calendar and email to workday@polam.ca to participate.



Join our Team


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Application Form for other Po Lam activities                        Form


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