Redevelopment Purpose & Plan

To satisfy the community’s interest in Po Lam’s pursuit of the Buddha’s teachings and insight meditation, Po Lam Buddhist Association purchased the adjoining 5-acre parcel at 46372 Prairie Central Road in 2006 intended for redevelopment.


Approval was granted in summer of 2010 from the Agricultural Land Commissioner and the City of Chilliwack and the two partials would be consolidated into a 10-acre parcel.  be built on 3.5 acres of the consolidated property and the remaining 6.5 acres would be used for organic farming.


The future Meditation Vihara will consist of five buildings and extensively landscaped with fruit trees, vegetables and flowers. The center will be able to accommodate up to 60 students for residential meditation classes and 100 students for day classes. It will also have a Buddhist library, multi-purpose class-rooms to hold regular dhamma talks, seminars, discussions and classes.


Classes offered would help individuals to understand more about the meanings of life, the importance to cultivate morality and self-growth to face the vicissitudes in life. This will help to bring spiritual growth to individuals who pursue in such path which in turn will benefit the community in a harmonious and peaceful way.


The organic farm will help to promote local farming and will also enhance the public’s awareness on environmental protection.

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