Compassionate Centre for Health (CCH)

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Po Lam Buddhist Association is a Registered Charity established in 1994, located in Chilliwack of British Columbia,Canada. Since then, we have actively involved in local community, sharing our care and compassion to friends of various nationality, race and religion. Our mutual respect among different religious belief results in strong social relationship, recognition and support.


To meet the needs of community, we endeavoured to promote meditation that purifies our mind, helps to maintain a harmonious and stable society, and brings real inner peace and happiness to everybody. To further service the community, the Compassionate Centre for Health is formed in 2005.


Formation of CCH is a result of the driving force from a group of recovered and recovering cancer patients, together with their families and volunteers. The goals are to share their experience with patients and their families, to support them in overcoming difficulties they may encounter during medical treatments and to promote positive view of life.


Services provided

•  To visit patients and their families;

•  To provide support with compassion to patients and their families;

•  To provide spiritual support to patients and families;

•  To share experiences of medical treatment and to help patients in overcoming fear they may have;

•  To promote positive thinking and living.


Hospice and Palliative Care

CCH starts a new service in 2011 to visit patients in hospice and under palliative care. This service is especially helpful to the Chinese community. Fourteen CCH volunteers have undergone an intensive hospice training for over 34 hours. Experienced hospice volunteers, hospice social workers, registered nurses and Venerable Yin Kit gave lectures about personal & practical care, communication skill, medical care, loss, grief & bereavement care, psychosocial care, spiritual care and practical experience sharing.


The following are some of the roles a hospice volunteer:

•  helps to improve the quality of life of patients and family members

•  be there keeping company;

•  to listen and support;

•  provide relief for caretakers;

•  provide bereavement support to family members;


Call our hotline (604) 708-8328 if service is needed or to join our Team.

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